Restaurants near Erding

Are you starving after hiking or cycling all day? Is your little munchkin getting hangry? We cannot completely spare you that discussion of “What do you want to eat?” What we can do though is give you a selection of highly recommended restaurants nearby. Foodies will get excited about culinary delights from Italy, Greece and even Vietnam. And our favorite Bavarian Pub is always just a casual stroll away.


Schweiger Brauhaus (Pub) in Markt Schwaben

Plates filled with enormous amounts of meat, carbs, and gravy. Tasty beer in large glasses. And an atmosphere that is as casual as it is welcoming: This is what Bavarian food culture is all about. You’ll find it in a “Brauhaus”. Schweiger has a lovely outdoors sitting area (beer garden) and a menu full of Bavarian classics. (There are some meatless options, but most are made with cheese). Our recommendation is the Alexander-Burger: A juicy angus beef patty in a tasty bun, served with steakhouse frites. You said you were hungry, didn’t you?


Nothing here sounds quite right? Tell us! We will do our best to find the perfect place for you. Or let us handle your dinner reservation. Quiet table with the best view? You got it.


Ristorante Liberty in Erding

Perfectly chewy, yet crispy crust. Slightly spicy tomato sauce. Deliciously soft mozzarella. And the intense smell of fresh basil. No, you don’t need to go to Italy for this. It might come as a surprise, but our little village has the most delicious Italian food! There is pizza with creative toppings. Homemade ravioli. Masterfully prepared pasta dishes and seafood specialties. The tiramisu is especially “belissimo”!


Restaurant Akropolis in Ebersberg

How about a little trip to Greece? It will only take you fifteen minutes to get there: Just drive to the neighboring city Ebersberg. Our favorite Greek restaurant uses only family recipes that have been perfected for generations. Vegetarians and vegans can take their pick with lots of different Mezedes. And if meat isn’t off the table, you should try the delicious lamb knuckle. A shot of Ouzo for dessert? Yes, please!

Restaurant Huong Viet in Erding

One fancy dinner per vacation is a must – even if said vacation is an active one. Try this upscale Vietnamese place in Erding. You will taste the quality of every ingredient and admire how elegantly each dish is presented. We love all six Huong Viet Special Rolls. But the Tiger Roll is our favorite …