Lifestyle hotel for experiences in and near Munich

“What can I do here”, you ask? “Plenty”, we say! Some of our favorite experiences are described below. You probably already know that hiking and cycling are must-dos in our area. A day trip to one of the Bavarian lakes is always great. We recommend Starnberger See – and don’t miss out on the boat tour. Dinner will be served with a side of circus at Teatro. And tomorrow you could watch a movie at the Open-Air-Cinema in Munich. Maybe pick a rom-com for this one!


Candle-Light-Dinner reinvented: Welcome to Teatro!

Did you love the circus when you were a kid? The magicians, rope walkers and clowns. The smell of sawdust and cotton candy. And now imagine circus flair paired with upscale dining. That’s “Teatro”. At this Dinner show, Munich’s most famous chef serves up an outstanding dining experience. You will never get bored waiting for the next course. Magic tricks? Check. Comedy? Check. Breathtaking acrobatics? Double Check! You reach Teatro in 15 minutes from Herzl Hotel. There is a separate vegetarian menu too. Mention your dietary request when booking.


We know many more cool things to do around Munich! Tell us what stuff you are into. And we will tell you where you find it!


Craft brewery Schweiger – sustainable brewing

Bavaria – isn’t that where all the good beer is brewed? That is right! At craft brewery Schweiger, you see how it is done. This family-owned brewery cares about beer and the environment. All ingrediencies for brewing are sourced regionally. In 2013, Schweiger craft brewery was even awarded the Slow Brewing certificate. This award recognizes a value oriented, sustainable brewing culture. Prost!

There also is excellent food at Brauhaus. If you find a spot in the yard, you can see the brewing boilers.


Kino, Mond & Sterne – open air movie theatre in Munich

Are you just tooo comfy in your room at Herzl Hotel? We understand. But that tempting king-size bed and Netflix combo will still be here tomorrow night. Today, you’ll visit the open-air movie theater at Westpark in Munich. The seating area is a natural stone amphitheater. Don’t worry: It still smells like popcorn here! A bit less cinema-y is the Asian eatery (but it still is tasty). And two bars have you covered on the drinks front.