Regional Breakfast Buffet at Herzl Hotel

Every morning between 7.30 AM and 10.00 AM, mouth-watering smells waft through our hotel. Freshly baked rolls and strong coffee, hearty Schinken (cold cuts) and cheese, hot egg dishes – but those are made specifically to order. Today might be a cake day. If not, there are homemade jams. We are pretty serious about where the ingrediencies for our Erdinger gourmet breakfast come from: Every product is regional and seasonal. Meet the people that help us put your breakfast together.


Enjoy tasty products from the region

Our varied breakfast buffet is served anew every morning with love to detail and selected products from the region:

  • Exquisite organic tea blends from BIOTEAQUE in Chiemgau
  • Homemade honey of beekeeper from the region
  • Crispy organic baked goods and fresh sausage products from the Erdinger district
  • Delicious organic muesli variations of mymuesli from Passau
  • Seasonal fruit juices from the area
  • Out of love for the environment, our breakfast buffet is plastic-free as it does not use small packaging!

Would you like to try a “real” Bavarian breakfast? It consists of veal sausage (Weisswurst), a pretzel and sweet mustard. Just tell us a day ahead (before 12.00 PM) so we have time to put in the order for you!


Eggs from Zehmerhof of Huber family in Gelting

Huber family is committed to sustainable farming in our region. Huber’s chickens have everything a bird can ask for. Modern, airy barns with sand baths. A large, green pasture with plenty of sun and shade from oak treas. And food that comes either from Huber’s own farm or from other Bavarian farmers (soy, hay and limestone are all non-GMO). Sounds good, right? Eggs from happy, healthy chickens are also sold at a small shop at Zehmerhof in Gelting.


Butchery of Huber family in Walpertskirchen

Butchering is a family business here – but one that is handled with care. Since 1884, Huber family values the highest quality products and fair treatment of animals and nature. The term “regional” is not used loosely: All meat stock is sourced from farms that are a few kilometers away. To make sure that animals are in a stress-free state until the very end, they are slaughtered on Huber's own farm.



Organic Family Bakery Martin's Backstube in Forstern

Rolls, pretzels, and dark bread are baked by family Brugger. This bakery exists since 1957. Today they have 9 outlets in the area of Erding. Still, Martin's Backstube is everything but a profit-oriented chain: Every one of their baked goodies is crafted by hand. Ingredients for the dough are sourced from local farmers, and additives are frowned upon. The organic grain is ground in their own mill. Martin's Backstube in Forstern also has excellent cakes and coffee, if you are in the mood for a tasty afternoon treat. That is something we can vouch for from experience!