Active hotel for hiking holiday in Bavaria

Good morning! Step out the door of our hotel and into Bavarian nature. There’s dew on the grass. The sky is perfect blue. Or is it maybe dotted with some fluffy clouds? In any case, it seems to stretch on forever. If you got up real early, you might still spot the morning fog floating between hills. And how it smells – pure nature! But there is another scent: Those are our freshly baked breakfast rolls. Time to fuel up at the generous buffet. Shoes tied? Snacks packed? It is time to hike. The trail awaits!


Look for all the elements of Bavaria’s nature

We have a little challenge for you. Ready? Okay: How about today you don’t even try to find the best selfie-spot and the coolest Instagram-filter? #nofilter needed anyway … Instead, take in your surroundings with every single sense. Can you feel all four elements? There’s fire where warm sunrays tickle bare skin. Do you hear the ripple of a little stream? Element earth is moist and full of life. And the air – that is how nature tastes.

We happily help you plan your perfect hiking route. And if you want to get out there really early (hello, sunrise), we pack your breakfast to go! 


Hiking & Nordic Walking in district Erding

Are you itching to get out there? Right on! Choose flat roads and relaxed walking in the west. Or rolling hills in the east. Maybe you prefer the shadowy tracks that wind through the massive woods of Ebersberger Forst. Don’t get lost in all those shades of green! Wherever you go: There will always be a pub (Wirtshaus) waiting for you. Get a Bavarian beer, local fruit juices and a hearty bite to eat!


Happy place for active vacationers – Herzl Hotel

Your shoes did not let you down. Your emergency cookies have served their purpose. The water bottle is empty. When we see our guests come home with a “cheerful, but tired” expression on their face, we know that Bavarian nature has cast it’s magic spell once more. What do you need now? We know: A place to take your socks off and put your feet up. One with plenty of space and comfort. Brilliant guest service for tired hikers can’t hurt either. Welcome to Herzl Hotel!