Lifestyle hotel for autumn festival Erding

Hello and Griaß di at autumn festival (Herbstfest) Erding! Can’t wait till it is finally Oktoberfest-time? Good news: You don’t have to. Erdinger Herbstfest starts in the end of August. It has beer tents and carnival rides, German folk music and lots of local treats – just like the “real Oktoberfest”. But only for Erdinger Herbstfest a special party beer is brewed. And where is the perfect place to sleep off beer and treats? Choose Herzl Hotel! Snooze in your comfy king-size bed. Say “hi” to nature through big windows. Is it time for that heavenly breakfast buffet yet?


Erdinger Herbstfest: Fun since 1816

That is the year when the people of Erding first came together in a big, merry autumn gathering. For the next couple of years, Herbstfest happened rather sporadically. But from 1948 on, it became a regular, annual occurrence. Today Erdinger Herbstfest is the third largest autumn festival in Bavaria. It has two beer tents and is visited by about 400.000 guests. Where will you be: Partying it up in Weißbräuzelt or enjoying the mood at Fischer’s Stiftungszelt? During the multi-day-festival, there are plenty of competitions too. Weightlifting, horse racing, kickboxing – you name it! Oh, and that delicious thing you smell? It might be that stall with the caramelized almonds. The one with the warm pretzels. Or that one, where roasted pork knuckles are served?


After a long night at the Herbstfest, dig in at our breakfast buffet. Fresh, crispy rolls, tasty cheese, scrambled eggs and yoghurt: Each product comes from one of the local farms or from producers we know and trust. We bet you'll taste the nature!


Herbstfest 101

Don’t be a tourist and dress for the occasion like a true Bavarian. That means no sneakers. And no tacky tee with printed-on suspenders. For the Bavarian lassie, some more rules apply. Your Dirndl shouldn’t be too short. Candy colors are never the right choice eighter. And pay attention to the bow of your dress. If it sits to the right, you are telling everyone that you are taken! What else? Tipping is highly encouraged. Your waitress works hard so everyone is happy. Don’t block her way! And swaying to the music is okay. But only side to side and not too violently.


Herzl Hotel and Erdinger Herbstfest – a match made in heaven

Are you ironing out your Dirndl dress yet? How is shopping for that Lederhosn going? Now the only thing missing is a room in a hotel where you are welcomed with real Bavarian hospitality. It’s easy to get to Herzl Hotel from Erdinger Herbstfest. Take a shuttle bus or get picked up by our chauffeur service. After enormous amounts of beer and pretzels, you can relax in your cosy king-size bed. Maybe with Netflix and Amazon Prime on the Smart TV? A little walk and some fresh air might help with that hangover too. Hiking trails start right outside the door … We look forward to meeting you!