Hotel close to Therme Erding – tropical flair, wellness, and waterslides

Dip more than your toe into hot thermal water. Travel in a wild virtual-reality-journey through space –  in a waterslide. And let stress (and sweat) ooze out of every pore in the sauna. Wait, how about a cocktail? Colourful drinks do taste best if consumed under palm trees! Therme Erding has something for everyone. No wonder, since it is one of the biggest spas in the world! Isn’t it lucky that we – Herzl Hotel – are only 15 minutes (by car) away from all those wet and wonderful experiences?


Herzl Hotel for visitors of Therme Erding

We will make visiting Therme Erding even more relaxing: Our convenient package deals include entrance fee and stay. Pick up your spa voucher at the reception from 8.00 AM. While you slide, swim and sweat, we keep your luggage safe. Oh, we haven’t introduced ourselves yet! We are your family-owned comfort hotel. Our formula for happy guests is simple: Upscale features and furniture meet real Bavarian hospitality. And if you book directly with us, we donate to charity organization Tafel Erding!

Unwind and enjoy your day at Therme Erding. And then unwind some more at Herzl Hotel: In generous, bright rooms. With attentive staff members that would do anything for you (well, almost anything)!


Saunaworld of the Therme Erding

Ever sweated it out in a Russian banja? Or been to sauna like a Roman? Therme Erding boasts 28 saunas and steam baths. Even well-versed sauna enthusiasts will find something new here. But don’t forget: In Germany, we wear our birthday suit to the sauna! 
Not too sure about the birthday suit part? Don’t worry: You can keep your clothes on if you choose Vitaloase instead. Nap in the Asia-themed relax area. Travel to exotic rain forests (aka Jungle Lodge). Or let your senses have it all with fragrance and infusion ceremonies. 


Galaxy waterslide world – Slides & Virtual Reality

Surprise: Waterslides and VR are a perfect match! And they are no kids’ stuff eighter: Therme Erding is the world’s first operator of VR-waterslides! How does it work? You put on VR-googles. Now climb in the waterslide and see the world around you turn into space, remote galaxies, the Wild West, or sweltering jungles. Don’t miss it!

Herzl Hotel – Your relaxing hotel close to Therme Erding

Well, did you get all excited about wellness, thermal water and (let’s be honest) VR-waterslides? Visit us and enjoy! Pick the right package deal to make planning easy. Or call or email us if you prefer a more tailored offer. We like that! And we will definitely put something together that you really like. By the way, are you wondering what is with the word Herzl? Read about it here!



You can pick up the Tropical Spa vouchers you have purchased from us from 8:00 a.m. at the reception. This is how we guarantee you the optimal use of your tickets. While you relax under the palm trees, we will fine-tune the final touches for your unforgettable holiday in our feel-good hotel.

In principle, you can also visit the Tropical Spa without prior reservation. However, we recommend that you make an online reservation on the THERME ERDING website, especially on weekends and during the holiday periods, as the flow of visitors is significantly higher on these days. Of course, you can also use the vouchers you have purchased from us in combination with an online reservation.

Here you get to the online reservation: Click here!

No, unfortunately, due to technical circumstances, it is not possible for us to take over the weekend surcharge in advance. This must therefore be paid on site at the THERME ERDING cash desk. As soon as this is technically feasible, we will of course use it so that you can have a more carefree holiday!