Lifestyle hotel for Oktoberfest Munich

Its loud. It’s expensive. There is a line in front of every tent. And don’t even get us started on the one in front of the bathrooms. But still: Oktoberfest in Munich is tremendously much fun! Come cheer with us at least once – and then you will probably want to come back a second time. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! Oktoberfest happens yearly since 1810. A royal wedding was the original reason for this enjoyable affair. What’s missing after the fun shenanigans? Some peace and quiet, clean air and a lavish breakfast buffet. Come get it all at Herzl Hotel!


Herzl Hotel – sustainable stay for Oktoberfest Munich

Feel like home – only with better guest service! Big, bright and modern rooms, heavenly cozy beds and lots of Bavarian hospitality are part of the deal at Herzl Hotel. Get rid of the hangover or that one extra wurst during a little hike or bike ride. Shhh, we also have e-bikes for rent! The planet likes it too when you stay with us: Green energy, vegan cosmetics and zero plastic are all part of our mission to create a better world. Our green rate saves you money, and we cut down on emissions. And every time someone books directly with us, we give a donation to the Tafel Erding charity.


You probably don’t want to be the designated driver. But we do! We’ll organize your shuttle or car service to Oktoberfest. So you can cheer without thinking twice!


Dresscode: Traditional. But do it properly, please!! 

Yes, technically you are allowed to wear whatever you want. But if you want to look like real Bavarian lads and lassies (and you should), we are here to help! Here we go: He wears Lederhosn. Don’t ruin them with sneakers or a hoodie! A simple white or chequered shirt works well, and basic leather shoes do too. She wears a dress that is roughly down to the knee. Too much cleavage isn’t quite right either. And high heels are horribly impractical. There will be mud! Choose muted colours. Tacky or brash screams “tourist”! And the most important thing: Where does the bow of your apron sit?

  • To the right: I’m in a relationship
  • In the middle: I’m not sure
  • To the left: I’m open to flirts
  • In the back: widow or waitress

Oide Wiesn – most peaceful and traditional corner of Oktoberfest

Are you not a fan of all the drunk partying at the “real” Oktoberfest? None of it is happening in the family friendly tents and nostalgic fun rides of Oide (old) Wiesn! Beer is served in traditional clay jugs. Brass bands and folk musicians play “real” music (no modern party hits). One of the tents (Museumszelt) even includes a candy manufacturer and a bowling alley! Unfortunately, Oide Wiesn happens only three out of every four years.